September 28, 2015

Slides for Ethics & Plagiarism Bootcamp

I thought that I would go ahead and share the slides that I made for the Ethics & Plagiarism lecture in our Research Bootcamp series.

Rough outline of topics touched on:

  • (Intentional) Research Misconduct
  • ACM (et al.) Codes of Conduct
  • Plagiarism and Attribution (with some corner cases)
    • Different cultural interpretations
  • Authorship (including Least Publishable Units, crowdsourced work, author order)
  • Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Data Reporting
  • Code-Sharing and Reproducibility
  • Conflict of Interest (including review procedures)
  • Human Subjects Review
  • Ethics beyond Human Subjects Review, e.g.:
    • Role of program committees
    • Carna botnet
    • A/B Testing in Industry
    • Mechanical Turk studies
  • Research and PR (e.g., clarifying captions on videos)

Note: I attempted to search for and use only Attribution CC BY images. If any of the images don’t conform, please feel free to let me know!

Another note: Feel free to reuse with attribution (and I wouldn’t mind hearing about it). I’d be extra excited to hear if you make any improvements or additions!