December 10, 2018

Some Assignment Handouts for a Graduate Human-Computer Interaction Course (Think-Aloud, Heuristic Evaluation, etc.)

In case they prove helpful to others, I wanted to more broadly share the assignment handouts that I created for the Fall 2018 offering of CS 6540 (the beginning graduate Human-Computer Interaction course). LaTeX source is available here:

Individual Assignments

Group Assignments

These assignment handouts do not provide a full context of the course, as they exclude readings, in-class activities, lectures, etc. Also note that the total points allocated to each handout are not representative of the weights of each assignment to the total course grade.

I consider these handouts to be works-in-progress; I have changes planned for the next iteration. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for improvement. Please also let me know if you plan on using them in your courses.